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1. Application Instructions:

  • Completed applications and all required materials must be submitted to your credit union no later than March 1st. Scholarships will be awarded at the April chapter meeting of the Midland Empire Chapter of Credit Unions.

2. Application Materials: The following items must be sent to [email protected]. Missing items will cause the application to be removed from consideration.

  • Two letters of recommendation from non-relatives who can attest to your character and to your desire to continue your education. If you are currently enrolled in a school, one letter should be from a faculty member.
  • A copy of your most recent school grade transcript.
  • A photo of the scholarship applicant for publicity purposes if the applicant is awarded a scholarship.
  • A brief letter, not to exceed 300 words, addressing the following:
    • Your need for a scholarship and how a scholarship would benefit you.
    • A statement of your educational goals.
    • Include any additional information you would like the scholarship committee to consider.

3. Two Midland Empire Chapter Scholarship awards will be granted in the amount of $1,000 each.

4. Eligibility: The applicant must be a member of a Credit Union within the Midland Empire Chapter fields of membership. These scholarships apply to any accredited college, graduate school, or secondary education facility.

5. Traditional Student Scholarship: One scholarship will be awarded to a traditional student, defined as a graduating high school senior or someone in college with less than a three-year gap since high school.

Ray Harris Memorial Scholarship: One scholarship will be awarded to a non-traditional student, defined as someone who was out of school for at least three years and has returned.

6. The applicant’s signature is required for completion of this form. By signing the E-Consent below, the applicant authorizes the Midland Empire Chapter to use their photo for media publishing.

7. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.


Scholarship Type

  • Are you applying for:

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Personal Information:

  • OK First Name is required
  • Optional OK Middle Initial is required
  • OK Last Name is required
  • OK Home Address is required
  • OK City is required
  • OK State is required
  • OK Zip is required
  • OK Telephone number is required
  • Date of Birth

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  • OK Email is required

Family Information

  • Use residential address for mailing address

    OK Use residential address for mailing address is required
  • OK Father's Name is required
  • OK Address is required
  • OK City/State/Zip is required
  • OK Occupation is required
  • OK Mother's Name is required
  • OK Address is required
  • OK City/State/Zip is required
  • OK Occupation is required
  • Optional OK If married, you're spouse's name is required
  • Optional OK Spouse's occupation is required
  • Optional OK Your children and ages is required

Educational Experience

  • OK High School (Name/City/State) is required
  • OK Date of Graduation is required
  • Optional OK If currently attending a post-secondary institution, please name is required
  • OK What is your plan of study? is required
  • Anticipated grade level

    Optional OK Anticipated grade level is required
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