Making Their Dreams Count, One Coin at a Time!

Key Features

  • Available for Ages 0-18
  • Earn a Sky High Dividend
  • No Monthly Service Fee

Give your child the gift of financial literacy and a head start towards a secure future by opening a youth savings account. It's a valuable tool that teaches the importance of saving, helps them develop responsible money habits, and sets them on a path towards financial independence.

  • Receive 5.12% APY* on the first $500 
  • Rate of 1.00% APY on amounts between $500.01 to $5,000
  • Rate of 0.05% APY $5,000.01 and over

    Additional benefits:
  • $1 for every A on report card**
  • $5 for perfect attendance at the end of the year**

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield
**Deposit is made when a report card or perfect school year attendance report is presented in-branch with a limit of four report cards and/or one perfect attendance report per school year. Report card deposits are made once each quarter and are $1 per “A” or highest grade available with a limit of $5 per report card. Perfect attendance deposit is made at the end of the school year and is $5.