Join Valley Credit Union

How We Keep Your Data Secure

  • Encryption/secure login 
  • Anti-fraud technology 
  • Unique user ID and complex password requirements 
  • Timed Log Out 

Member’s Responsibilities

  • DO NOT share your online banking login credentials with anyone that is not on your account 
    • Valley employees will never ask for your login credentials, one-time passcode, or ask them to transfer money to themselves as a way to resolve fraud
  • DO NOT use a public wifi connection to login to your account 
  • Make sure your browser and anti-virus software is up to date 
    • DO NOT click on any links or attachments from an unknown email or text 
  • Contact us immediately if you notice suspicious activity on your account 
  • Never give out your information online or over the phone 
    • Always contact the credit union directly before providing any information 
  • We recommend you change your password at least once a year