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Valley's 2022 Community Impact


Valley's 2022 Community Impact

Valley Credit Union, a community-focused financial institution, has continued its mission to give back to the community it serves in 2022. Through volunteerism and charitable donations, Valley Credit Union has made a significant impact on the community, providing support to local non-profit organizations, schools, and other community initiatives.


In 2022, Valley Credit Union employees volunteered a total of 1,362.5 hours towards community service. According to Independent Sector, this comes with a value of $40,806.87 for volunteer hours. The credit union encouraged its employees to volunteer and take part in community service, with many opportunities throughout the year to support a wide variety of initiatives. This commitment to volunteerism showcases Valley Credit Union's dedication to giving back and making a positive impact on the community.

Charitable Donations

Valley Credit Union also gave back to the community through charitable donations. In 2022, the credit union donated $113,280 to local non-profit organizations, schools, and other community initiatives. The donations were focused on supporting education, youth, and community development.

Impact on the Community

The impact of Valley Credit Union's volunteerism and charitable donations has been significant. Through Valley's volunteer efforts, employees have been able to support a wide range of initiatives. The donations made by Valley Credit Union have helped to provide critical support to local non-profit organizations and schools, allowing them to continue providing valuable services to the community.

Valley Credit Union's commitment to community service and philanthropy is at the core of its values. Through their continued efforts to give back, they have made a tangible impact on the community they serve. Their dedication to volunteerism and charitable giving serves as an inspiration to others, highlighting the importance of giving back and supporting local communities.

In conclusion, Valley Credit Union's 2022 Community Impact showcases the power of volunteerism and charitable donations. With a commitment to making a positive impact on the community, Valley Credit Union has demonstrated the significant benefits of giving back and supporting local initiatives. Their efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of those they have supported, and serve as a model for other organizations looking to make a similar impact.

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