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Hidden Expenses for Soon-To-Be Pet Owners


Hidden Expenses for Soon-To-Be Pet Owners

Being a pet owner is an exciting endeavor. We love our pets, and many of us view them as a member of the family. Owning a pet comes with added responsibility, but we gladly accept the financial undertaking of food, litter, or toy expenses in exchange for their smiling faces, wagging tails, and years of companionship. However, along with the expected costs of ownership come expenses that you may not consider. If you are thinking about adding a furry friend to your family soon, below are some hidden expenses to be aware of:

Damaged Carpet or Furniture

From scratching to chewing to repeated accidents, your pets can shred or stain your furniture and carpet, leaving your home’s condition in rough shape. The cost of home repairs can be substantial depending on the damage and frequency of occurrence.

Boarding, Pet Sitting, or Daycare Costs

Trips, vacations, or even workdays will likely become pricier in order to accommodate your four-legged companion. If your next trip isn’t pet-friendly, chances are you’ll have to hire a pet sitter or board them while you’re out of town. And, depending on your work schedule and living space, you may have to send your pet to daycare or hire a dog walker during the work week.

Traveling with Pet

If you decide to take your pet with you on vacation, you’ll have to factor in additional costs as well. Airlines have considerable fees for traveling with pets, and once you get to your destination, you’ll encounter pet fees at your hotel or rental home.

Care & Medical Treatment

Just like our human family members, injuries and illnesses can come up unexpectedly and require temporary or permanent treatment. Even if you adopt a healthy animal, medical needs can arise throughout their life. From allergies to terminal illness, these instances can be very pricey for pet owners. There are also routine preventative care costs, such as grooming, checkups and vaccinations, that will add to your yearly expenses.

Rent Add-Ons

Because of pets’ untidy reputations, it’s not only harder to find a place to live that allows animals, but you’ll also pay extra for their residency. Most pet-friendly properties have monthly pet fees that will increase your cost of living.

If you’re considering a pet, it’s important to recognize these potential expenses, and plan accordingly. Setting aside a budget for these costs can help you prepare for your newest addition and give you the full picture of owning a pet and the costs that come along with it.

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